Adopt A Cat

All cats and kittens are adopted from the Cats Protection League Cattery at 14 Charlesworth Street.  The cattery can be contacted by phone at: 03 384 0006.  Though we are happy to take inquiries online and over the phone, potential adopters will need to visit the cattery before an adoption can take place.

Our experienced cattery staff and volunteers love helping people find the right cat, and we take care to ensure that our cats and kittens are well matched to their prospective owners.  As we are a rescue, some of our cats may need special care, or be shy and not be suitable for some households.

The homing process involves completing a short adoption form which outlines the terms of adopting a cat from CPL, and having most of the family meet the cat, especially any children who may be living with the cat or kitten.

If we believe a cat you are interested in will not suit your circumstances, we will let you know.  Additionally, if the adoption does not work out for any reason, CPL will always take the cat back.

Currently available for adoption:

To see our cats who are currently available for adoption click their image below.

Please note: there are other cats also available for adoption who are not yet listed and kittens are often booked for viewing in advance and may be adopted before they can be listed.  so if you would like to adopt, but do not see a suitable cat here, we advise contacting or visiting the cattery during open hours to meet all the cats in our care. 

Cattery Hours:

Tuesday to Friday 11.00am - 2.30pm
Saturday 11.00am - 3.00pm
Sunday 11.00am - 2.30pm
Closed Monday

Adoption Fees:

  • Kittens up to 17 weeks are $150 (subject to availability - please phone the cattery to see what is available)
  • Teenagers from 18 weeks to 12 months are $120
  • Adult cats from 1-8 years are $90
  • Adult cats over 8 years are $70

All cats have been vet checked, microchipped, desexed, treated for any illness, vaccinated, wormed and treated for fleas. Kittens will have been given their first vaccination, but depending on age will often still need their second and third. Cattery staff will advise potential adopters of any vaccination requirements. Cats over 12 months are also tested for feline aids and leukemia.

Visit the CPL Cattery:

14 Charlesworth Street, Woolston