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Adopted: Sheba

Sheba is about 2 years old and has been returned unexpectedly to CPL care as her new owner has become seriously ill.  She was originally surrendered as a stray.

Sheba is a sweet, gentle cat who enjoys attention.  She will suit a quiet adult home and may be okay with other cats.

Adopted: Norma

Norma is about 2 years old and came into CPL care because she was not coping with the children in her home.

Norma is shy with strangers but friendly once she knows you.  She is very active and can be flighty, so she will suit a quiet adult home as the only cat.  Her new owner will find it a challenge keeping her indoors while she settles – however this is essential!

Adopted: Eveline

Eveline is about 1 year old and was surrendered to CPL because her owner was unable to continue with her care.

Eveline is a friendly and active youngster. She has had a litter of kittens and has lived with another cat but does not like dogs.

Adopted: Mitch

Mitch is about 3 years old and was surrendered to CPL with his mother Daisy and her 5 kittens (already adopted) because his owner could not continue with their care.

Mitch is sweet but very shy.  He is happy and friendly with staff but tends to hide when visitors arrive.  He will take time to settle so he may need to be kept indoors for an extended period when first adopted.  He will suit a quiet adult home and an understanding new owner who has the time and patience to build his confidence.