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Letitia is about 1 year old and came into CPL care with her 6 kittens as strays.  Her babies have now all flown the nest so it is mama’s turn.

Letitia is very shy and easily startled but gently affectionate once she knows you.  She enjoys company but is not a lap cat at the moment.  The way to her heart is through food.

Letitia will suit a quiet home and a patient new owner happy to spend time earning her trust. She may take longer than usual to settle.


Kane is about 6 years old and came into CPL care as a stray.

Kane is a big and friendly boy, a bit of a “gentle giant”.  He was very nervous when he first arrived at the cattery but is much more confident now he has found his feet, so he will probably best suit a quieter home with no other pets.


Beautiful Fiona is 9-11 years old.  She has always been a feisty princess but her gentleman owner adored her anyway.  However, there were others in his accommodation complex who were not so understanding and he was beginning to fear for her safety, so he surrendered her to CPL.

Fiona is confident and friendly on her own terms.  She can be unpredictable when crossed so she will best suit an adult home and an experienced, patient new owner.  She might enjoy a large or rural property where she can have her own space and take out her frustrations on the rats and mice.


Perdita is about 2 years old and came into CPL care as a stray with her two kittens.  She had been trying to become a “regular” at a Thai restaurant.

Perdita is sweet and shy.  Despite – or maybe because of – her venture into Thai cuisine she is a very picky eater and her new owner will need to be committed to making sure she eats properly.

Perdita will suit a quieter home but was okay with a dog while in foster care (please be aware that we will need to see how she reacts to a particular dog before agreeing to an adoption).