Adopted : Sachi

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Sachi is about 18 months old and came into CPL care as a stray. She was very pregnant and gave birth to 3 kittens who have been raised in foster care.

Sachi is sweet but shy. She enjoys cuddles once she knows and trusts you but is easily startled by sudden movement or noise. She will best suit a quiet home and a patient new owner with time to help her “find her feet”.

Routine testing on admission revealed that Sachi is FIV positive, although otherwise in good health. FIV is a virus which affects a cat’s immune system and is not infectious to humans. It can remain dormant for long periods and many FIV cats live long and happy lives. However, it can make them more vulnerable to infection and, if they get into fights, it can be passed on to other cats. For these reasons, Sachi will need regular health checks and will best suit an indoor lifestyle.

Sachi is being rehomed from foster care. If you are interested in adopting her, please contact the cattery on 384 0006 to find out more.