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Happily Hanging Out

We have received an update on Marmite, who was adopted last month, with lots of wonderful photos. Marmite's new life is the very essence of why we rescue so we have copied it in its entirety.

"Well after five weeks Marmite has settled in really well as you can probably tell by the photos.  He is the smoochiest cat I have ever met.

He made himself at home the first day he was here and I knew it was the right decision to adopt him.  He found a couple of good places to sleep including my bed.  During his next two weeks inside, he would growl when he heard noises coming from outside/neighbours voices etc.  He has pretty much stopped doing that now.

When he was first let outside, after a couple of minutes his fur fluffed up and he was making puffing sounds, and he disappeared so quickly I didn't even see which way he went.  But an hour and a half later he came back home (wet from the waist down .. have no idea what he'd been up to).

Over the next week or so, he would meow at the top of his voice whenever he wanted to go back out again.  And then I could hear him introducing himself to the neighbours (he can really sing!).  And he'd be up on their roofs.  One evening, after being gone for five hours, he came home a small while after I had been searching up and down the street for him.

But over this last week he has been very quiet, apart from his small meow that he always does (sounds like he's saying "My cow").  He has been hanging around home most of the long weekend, and the few times he has gone somewhere he has been back within half an hour.

Apparently he has made a few new tomcat friends.  Two or three of them hang out together. When he meets another cat he seems fairly friendly, and will sometimes lie on his back and do rolly pollys.

He loves lying on the deck in the sun, sitting beside me when I'm doing gardening, or watching me cook dinner, and playing with a shoelace or his toys.  He is a pretty strong cat too.  He likes headbutting things, including the back of my knees suddenly and almost knocking me over.  And he likes walking on my feet as I'm trying to walk, which is one of the ways he tells me he's hungry.

Regarding his bladder condition, everything seems fine.  He is still on a mix of wet food and Royal Canin urinary dry food.  Although he has a litter tray he is mostly going to the toilet outside now.  And he hasn't sprayed in the house since he has been here.  I haven't noticed him spray outside either.

Thanks for your help in the adoption process, and for all of the time in looking after Marmite and others like him at the cattery.  I love him heaps.   

Cats Protection League Canterbury