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Adopted: Scruffy

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Scruffy is about 6 years old and had been living as a stray for a long time before being caught and brought to CPL.  At that point he was really living up to his name as he was very badly matted and needed to be extensively shaved.

As you can see, he is even scruffier at the moment while his coating is growing back, but it will look lovely eventually!  Once his fur has regrown he will need regular brushing so he does not become matted again.

Scruffy is very shy and rather clingy, so we think he had a hard life on the streets.  Once he knows you he blossoms into a sweet and affectionate cat.  He will best suit a quiet adult home and, given his past, he will need to be kept inside for an extended period to allow him to settle fully before braving the outdoors.


Cats Protection League Canterbury