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A Happy Reunion

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Recently a male tabby cat was brought in to the cattery.  He had been found as a stray and was very friendly but he was upsetting the finders cat.  We scanned him for a microchip and when this did not bring up a result, named him Englebert and started advertising him as found.

Late Febuary he was reunited with his very happy owner after Angela in our office matched him with a lost cat recorded in our books.  Missing for a month, his name is Tigger and he actually had a microchip that had been working when he had his last vaccination.  Tigger disappeared from the house as they were in the process of relocating and ended up a wee way from where he went missing from.

An excellent outcome and a timely reminder to have your cat’s microchip checked whenever they are at the vet.  Whilst Tigger’s microchip number wasn’t one of the ones in the recent faulty batches, it was fairly close.

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