Feline Fix

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We have been running our Feline Fix Desexing programme since 1 July 2010 and have now desexed 15,661 cats!!!

In that time we have not increased the amount we charge despite the cost increasing every year.  We are no longer able to hold the prices as low as they have been and from Monday 7 May 2018 they will increase to $40 for a neuter and $60 for a spay.  This is still a significant discount on the normal price and will continue to cost us a significant amount each year.  We would like to take this opportunity to remind people of the conditions of using the programme:

  • It is for people who cannot afford the normal cost.
  • You must have a genuine need, i.e. have a low income and hold a community services card. Using someone else’s community services card is fraud.
  • The vets we use will not desex your cat if it is younger than 4 months. If you want it desexed earlier, please discuss this with your own vet.
  •  If you make an appointment with the vet, please make sure you turn up.  You jeopardise the participation of the vet, and your ability to use the programme if you muck them around.  Their time is valuable, they are doing you a favour and they have booked the time out for your cat.
  • Please ensure your cat has been treated for fleas.