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Queen Vanessa

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If you visited our old cattery in recent years, chances are you met Vanessa (and were warned not to fall for her “pat my tummy” trick…)

With stage two of our rebuild ready to commence soon, our tenant vacated the house earlier this year and decided to adopt Vanessa as well!  Here is an update from Vanessa:

“Greetings to my previous slaves at cpl.  My new kingdom is most satisfactory and I have made quick work of any invading cats that are unaware of my status as supreme ruler – I even hit one so hard that I bounced off!

I made myself at home rather quickly and enjoy sleeping in the sun on my wooden box and glaring inside at that black and white fool, Snuggles.  I know she adores me, but I make her work for it.  At night I retire to my chambers and sleep on a private electric blanket – as befitting my royal status.

Recently there has been a guest in my kingdom.  A lost ginger commoner called Banjo. As he was in dire need I allowed him temporary use of my kingdom although I did have to constantly remind him that one does not like to be touched!  Suddenly all of my royal subjects from across the neighborhood, assembled on my fence tops to pay tribute to my generous nature.. The human slaves have dared suggest that this is my comeuppance for enforcing my rule on cattery cats, but I know they come to worship me.  Squire Banjo has now left for the cattery and I will not admit that I miss him.

I trust that my former slaves are well, and that they have not forgotten just who is really the boss.”

Working on my dance moves

Sunning my forbidden tummy

Squire Banjo and I enjoying our dinner

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