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Update on Larry

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Kitten Larry was adopted in April, he was renamed Keanu and his adopters have sent us this update of their smart and much loved young cat:

Keanu has settled into his new home extremely well and seems very happy.  He has been such a delight since day one and has made my partner and I really happy, too.  We do not have children, but with Keanu it feels like we have a little family and our house just feels more like a home with him in it.  He races into the front room just to greet me when I come home from work every day, if that gives you an idea!
Keanu isn’t exactly a lap cat, but he does enjoy a cuddle and is very loving and sweet.  He always wants to be in the same room as us and will come and curl up beside me whenever he sees me sitting on the couch.  When he isn’t sleeping, he is a highly energetic and mischievous wee boy who will play for hours without rest.  He is also highly intelligent and does things that indicate that he knows how to get a response out of us.  We were amazed when he started meowing to let us know that he wanted his litter changed.  We didn’t teach him that; he just knew on his own.  The most noticeable thing about him though is how much he loves his food!  He has an insatiable appetite and will climb up our legs to get to our food or even try to swipe it off our plates!  He can be a little terror, but he sure makes us laugh.

All in all, we couldn’t be happier with our pick.  Keanu turned out to be the perfect cat for us and he is growing up to be very handsome!

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