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Update on Minki!

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Minki recently celebrated his third anniversary in his home, and to mark this he borrowed his adopter’s computer and sent us this update:

Hi CPL people
Minki here, just giving you an update on my world as it has been after living in your excelent care for a few months until my own personal crazy cat lady came to the CPL to visit the cats in residence at that time.  It so happened the homing lady thought we would be a perfect match and what would you know the rest is history!  For the first couple of days she had to feed me in some odd places, (behind wall unit, under the bed, just places not so easy for a human to get into.)  Didn’t take me long to realise she was the real deal and turns out I have my own bedroom I also have her bedroom a lot, especially if she gets up to feed me then if she mucks around for a bit I race her back to her bed and instead of laying down the bed I lay across it.  I find it hilarious!  Her not so much but as I am the most laid back cat ever no point even attempting to tell me off.  I just have the look of who me?  So yep I’m pretty much running the show round here even have the human grandparents wrapped around my paws.  I love the outdoors but I also love viewing the neighbourhood goings on from the lounge window, the garden shed and the golf course over the back fence.  So basically thanks guys for finding me the purrfect furever home.  Photos of my ever so relaxed lifestyle attached with mine and my caregivers permission to post on book of face or whatever you humans call that social network thingy.Much love to you all.  A very happy Sir Minksville (lol that’s my stage name)

Cats Protection League Canterbury