Update on Kali

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Kali was around 8 months old when she was adopted a year ago, she is an Oriental cross, as is quite obvious in these lovely photos.  Here is her adopter’s update:

We adopted Kali just over a year ago now and she has grown into a very beautiful cat as you can see by the photos. Kali is a fun little cat and she’s always getting into so much mischief. She loves to play hide and seek and will hide and then pounce on us as we walk past. We have lots of laughs with her funny little antics. Kali loves to be carried around and purrs constantly, she’s also very vocal and ‘talks’ to us all the time. She always wants to be with us and curls up on the couch beside us in the evening then at bedtime she sleeps on our bed. She is part of our family now and we just love her to bits.