Update on Noodle

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Oyez! Oyez!
The second anniversary of my re-homing is fast approaching and to commemorate the occasion, this media release is meant to appease my loyal and ever-growing fan base clamouring for updates on my enviable lifestyle.

Once again, thanks for the efforts of all at CPL Christchurch who nursed moi back to health when I was found leading the life of a starving street stray with digestive and skin/fur issues.
Everyone should be assured that my plumage now displays more vibrant tortoiseshell flecks and that I am more selective in my diet, which is consumed on a routine basis – my staff ensuring the food and water bowls are topped up regularly. 

In line with my recent re-location and increased torti-tude, I have been busy exploring my new surrounds, ready to make friends anew and spread my usual cheer to all. This does not always sit well with my house staff who watch my escapades with bated breath as I scale trellises, jump fences and climb roofs with aplomb. And it must be added that I do all my own stunt work – no soft option of a stunt double being engaged. 

I should also express gratitude to Harry and what’s-her-name (What? Me Jealous?) for diverting media attention off me while I engage in pressing the fur in my new locale.
Needless to say, these adventures do consume quite a bit of energy and it’s always good to relax and de-stress ever so often.
Till the next time!