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Lovely Update on Neo

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Sometimes people return to the cattery to adopt a further kitten to complete their fur family. Here is an update on Neo and her recent fur sibling Albie:
Hello CPL! Today we are celebrating our beautiful girl Neo who we adopted from you guys, this day, two years ago! Wow. It has gone so fast and our sweet wee girl is still ever so loved in our wee family! After such a rough start She has blossomed into such a wonderful girl, who can be very vocal! She loves a good belly rub and can’t help but fall over with a good chin scratch 😂😍 it is just amazing how far she has come and even though she can still be a wee bit fragile she is still becoming more and more brave by the day, even coming out to greet new visitors now!
I also just wanted to update you all on Neo’s little Tabby brother, Albie! We adopted him from CPL in May this year and was originally Amos! He is such a delight and Neo and Albie cannot go a day without cuddles and play fighting together! He, for some reason has a profound love for plastic bags.. 🙄😩😍
Thank you so much for all the joy you’ve introduced into our lives with these crazy felines! 💗

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