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Update on Bayley and Hoki!

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We have received an update on Bayley and Hoki, a mother and son pair who were adopted two weeks ago. They were very stressed and shy when first at the cattery, so were put on the Calm food which has been mentioned in other posts.  As will be seen in their adopters update, they settled well and quickly into their new home:

Our first afternoon (as expected) they both hid away, by the evening Bayley came out for a look around….. then much to our surprise by 11pm they were both on our bed wanting to snuggle up for the night….. and have been snuggling with us every night since.
They are simply delightful and it seems both great climbers!  First supervised roam outside and it was straight up the cabbage tree.  It is wonderful to have fur babies in our home again, we could not be happier 😊

Cats Protection League Canterbury