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Update on Sasha and Poppy

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Housemates Poppy and Sasha were recently adopted together, lovely to hear that these slightly older cats (they are 12 and 10) have settled down very quickly:

We just love them – they’re fitting in perfectly. Or should I say we’re fitting in with them! ha! On the second day Sasha had conned not 1, but 2 meals, before their regular dinner time. The first day they were both walking around the house purring. Sasha is definitely the boss. She immediately took over our beds. She alternates beds at different times of the day & won’t let Poppy get on either of them. Neither of them will get up on chairs or the couch & so won’t sit on our laps, which I’m very sorry about. Poppy obviously really wants to – but they must have had it firmly implanted in their heads that they’re not allowed. I’m hoping that will change with time. Poppy is such a smooch – follows me around all day & just wants to be with us. We have a wonderful garden for cats & they very much enjoy snooping around – but don’t stay out long & always like to come back inside. They’re beautiful purrlets – so affectionate – and we’re so happy to be able to give them a home.

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