Noodles New Year Blessings

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Here is a update from Noodle to brighten up everyone’s day!

Happy New Year to all (yes, even to dogs)!

These greetings are issued even though I missed out on the Queen’s New Year Honours List despite my ongoing efforts to spread cheer to the general populace and Santa loading my stocking with some lumps of charcoal – the meaning of which is lost on poor, little me as I was expecting heaps of food treats and the odd toy or two (or more).

My household staff have floated idea that I could perhaps compress the coal into diamonds by sleeping on them – the nerve!

Still, I shouldn’t be too cross as they aid me with my personal grooming, which is handy now that summer has finally made its appearance. After all, the last thing I want is for the paparazzi to circulate unflattering bad hair day images of moi!

This also makes it timely to issue those not blessed with natural solar protection (read: non-fur endowed species like humans) advice on how to maximise summer fun.

For the many using the longer days working on home improvement projects, remember to pace yourself like I do, fitting things in between my 16 to 18 nap hours per day. Many say that hard work never killed anyone – but why take a chance? That’s what I keep reminding my house staff on time and again to take regular breaks and tend to my feeding and playtime.

To those spending time in the sun on fun activities, remember to be sun smart – it’s not easy walking around in a naturally provided fur coat but it sure beats the sting of sunburn if you do not slip, slop and slap. 
Either way, remember to stay hydrated with healthy liquids and eat right and well (note to household staff – top up my food and water bowls regularly).

That’s it for this update – I have to practice what I preach and catch my quota of ZZZZs…
Have a wonderful summer.