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Update on Benji and Samuel!!

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Benji and Samuel were overwhelmed by the cattery when they first came in. They became more confident, and it is lovely to see and hear how they have further blossomed in their new home:

Benji and Samuel are doing well, enjoying very much looking out our big windows into the back yard and driveway and have settled quite well we now getting regular smooches and they come up willingly when called for dinner both seem very relaxed laying about the house
and playing and chasing toys.
Samuel has taken to sleeping on the bed with us at night whereas Ben seems to prefer to sleep in top position on the soft couch head rests in the centre of the house living area, before coming in for a late night smooch at around 2am and snuggling down in his favorite donut bed next to me on the floor with his head under the curtain looking out the window lol
We now in the midst of constructing various forts to keep the boys occupied with sneaking tunnels and towers to climb “photos to come when they are finished”
We are very much enjoying these guys and creating new items for them to explore, it is fun watching them chase each other around the place playing at 5.30 am when we get up, we call this turbo time.
Ps: these guys have even roped in my “retired” parents into visiting during the day to play and have a cuppa (clever lads lol) my mum has a soft spot for them they know they are the ones who have the treats

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