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Update on Timothy and Jersey!!

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Timothy and Jersey were rather shy cats when they were at the cattery. They were part of a group of four cats but as they were bonded to each other we were determined to home them together. They have been in their home for three months now, and it is lovely to see how well they have settled:

Timmy and Jersey are nicely settled in now and Jersey has come out of his shell (as you can see from the photos). Jersey although smaller is still the alpha male and exerts his authority now and then by nipping Timmy’s tail.
Although they scuffle a bit they also look after each other, groom and cuddle. And often both sleep side by side on the bed with us. Both have adapted to being “indoor at night cats” (we close that cat door off at around 9.30pm and re-open at 5.00am) . we’ve been doing a lot of garden work on the new house so there is an abundance of garden refuse to play in and a large garden with raised beds, bushes, hedges and several large trees. Jersey has taken to climbing the large beech tree and surveying his kingdom. Both cats are now very comfortable with both of us (both have very loud purrs and enjoy head butty smooches) and when they are inside spend more time on us or next to us than not.

Lap time!

Timothy enjoys a snack

Jersey presents his tummy for patting

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