Update on Buttons and Hollie!

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A happy update on Buttons (black and white) and Hollie (tabby) their adopters have been adopting from CPL for an amazing 35 years!

Early Febuary we adopted Buttons & Hollie. To say we are thrilled with them is an understatement! We have two beautiful purr machines and smoochy ones and we are very happy. Everyone is happy I think. They don’t interact much with each finding their preferred spots inside. Hollie sleeps on our bed and Buttons announces herself at about 0645! Buttons we also call princess as she is such a character with her coming out, announces her presence, displays her tummy saying Ï know how gorgeous I am” and the waits to be adored! Love it. We call Hollie ‘the smooth one’ and she is an ankle hugger, following us around waiting for a smooch.
So here are a couple of photos from the first week. Many many thanks to you for the wonderful work you do – we have adopted cats from you for 35 years!