Update from beautiful Daisy!

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Dear Cats Protection League People,
Thank you for looking after me while I was trying to find a new Mummy and Daddy.  I have been at my new Mummy and Daddy’s place for just over 2 weeks now, and am settling in really well.

I like to have cuddles with my new Mummy and Daddy in bed at night (in their bed), and love playing with my new toys, my favourite is a bird on a stick that I chase round the lounge, it leaves feathers everywhere! My new Mummy is happy that she has a stick vacuum cleaner to clean the feathers up.

I would really like to go outside, it looks really amazing with lots of trees and bushes, but I am only allowed to look through the window, Mummy says her and Daddy will take me outside next week as I am not nervous with the house noises anymore (Mummy works from home, cooking so there are loud noises in the kitchen sometimes).

I have been good with my litter trays (I have two in the bathroom), although I have pooped a couple of times on the bathroom floor, Mummy says that’s much better than pooping on the carpet, and don’t tell Daddy!

I let Mummy take some pictures of me for you to see of me in my new house.  I hope that all the other pussycats at CPL are doing well and I hope that they find nice places to live too!
Lots of love, purrs and miaows,
from Daisy.

You are most welcome Daisy, it is so wonderful to see you looking so content!

The trees look so inviting

Kneading my blanket just how I like it

I can see the bottom of the bowl – therefore the bowl is empty!

Time for your lunch break human.