Update on Bluebell

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So very happy to pass on this update on beautiful bobcat Bluebell:

Our first update on (Bluebell) now known as (Bella or Bells) for those of you who know of Bella she had been handed into cats protection league due to behavioral problems. With space, respect, time and room for her to explore her very core qualities and her personality in an environment that’s well suited to Bella, she has blossomed into a well balanced sweet natured girl and we are so very blessed to have been apart of this positive transformative transition and it melts my heart having her trust. Biggest positive is she naturally, now knows the difference in playing and being defensive she is super smoochy and loves paper balls and has the space to express her moods, and she has come such along way in a short time
We love you Bells.
Thank you to the staff and everyone who made the perfect pairing x