Spring Update from Dame Noodle!

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Ladies and Gentlemen, I am delighted to present Noodles Spring Update:
Spring has sprung!
Daylight saving time has commenced and not a moment too soon after the cold, dank days of winter, although the weather continues to be as variable as my mood swings.  At least there are more daylight hours now, all the better to highlight the torti flecks I have, along with my many other fine features. Many say that we tortis are renowned for being unruly but I prefer the term free-spirited and I do my utmost to uphold my claim.
I prowl my fiefdom in all climes, much to the concern of my house staff when I do it on rainy days (after all affairs of state are pressing and need my constant attention) or vault the fence to look in on the neighbours and do my piece de resistance as I look down on the world from the roof.
It sounds like demanding work and it is, but amidst all this activity, I still find time for the important things in life – naps, snoozes and snuggles and cuddles.  Not to mention preening regularly to maintain my deportment and practicing my wide-eyed, innocent, “feed me, I’m hungry” look to ensure that my vittles are topped up.
Soon, the long, lazy days of summer will be on us and with that more opportunities to cat nap without making excuses as well as anticipating what’s going to be filling my Christmas stocking. Hopefully, I will be getting something more useful than the lumps of charcoal I got last year.
Before I sign off, many thanks to all who commented or showed appreciation for my last post.  I particularly like being labelled a Dame.  My house staff concur as they advise my predecessor was a regal presence and accorded the status of HRH while it was her remit to provide merriment to her surrounds.