Update on Zeta

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We have received this update from the beautiful Zeta

Spring is here and Duchess (was Zeta) is making the transition between tangled lion and a smooth flooff.  She enjoys being able to sun herself on the porch. Duchess has been learning new ways to communicate/order her human around including (attempting) to push me out of bed with her forehead, pushing crinkly sounding items around to remind me I should be playing with her at ANY time and the odd “gentle” nibble.  If I don’t get up, she finds her own ways to unleash her energy such as pouncing on the bed, squeaking and then running down the stairs like a hippo.  My neighbour must wonder what I’m doing.  She is secretly the most sensitive and clingy cat and never lets me leave her side, is forever entertaining and snuggles up when she is tired purring away happily. 😅