Update from Kora!

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Here is a lovely anniversary update on Dora (nee Kora).  Two years already!!

It’s been two years (4 October 2017) since the lovely Kora came to live with me. She is now called Dora. Sometimes she is Dora the Explorer and other times just Adorable Dora!
She is a gorgeous girl with a lovely personality. She sleeps on the bed and is basically now in charge of the household.
Dora loves rubbing on sandals/shoes (especially the velcro bits) and handbags. She also loves playing with her toys – the favourites are sticks with feathers or a catnip mouse. Anything that can be dangled and chased. Dora is a very cuddly girl and loves to be picked up for cuddles.
This is a perfect match so thank you CPL for the opportunity of adopting this beautiful girl.