Seasons Greetings from Noodle!

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two images, noodle the cat lying on her back, and noodle the cat lying on a garden archway

Here is a lovely Christmas update from Noodle 

My apologies for this late welcome to the holiday season but I’ve been impressing Santa in order not to repeat the events of last year when my wee little stocking was stuffed with lumps of charcoal.
I’ve gone out of my way to cheer my house staff up whenever they read depressing news in the papers and also making sure they’re kept gainfully employed by making my presence known with my fur trails now that the weather is warming up. This usually gets them cracking with the vacuum cleaner, which unnerves me but it’s a sacrifice I am prepared to make.
I also look after them by providing gate security and reminding them to turn on a fan when the mercury rises past a certain point. I even encourage them to chill when the weather’s nice outside by displaying my impressive beach bod.
The long, lazy days of summer make it conducive for hearty cat naps, ensuring that I stay out of trouble or mischief as much as possible. All this should impress Santa and I so look forward to my stocking being filled with cat treats and toys this time round.
Another act that would definitely carry Santa’s approval is the addition of a furry new member to the household as a Christmas gift. For those of you who make this happen, remember that we are a commitment for life and not just for the holidays. To you, we may be just a cat or (perish forbid) dog but to us you are everything.
To one and all, have a Merry Christmas and a Joyous 2020!

series of photos showing Noodle the cat looking happy and spoilt