Update from Allegra and Zelous!

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two cats cuddling together

We have received a lovely update on Ponting and Hurley (nee Zelous and Allegra):

Hi all at CPL and Happy Holidays. I thought we would update you on Ponting and Hurley, a brother/sister kitten pair we adopted last winter. We knew they were special right away when we noticed they both had bob tails! We are fairly convinced they are at least part Japanese Bobtail as they look…and act…just like them. We realised the first week that they didn’t meow like most cats – they spend a lot of time chirping and trilling, sounding more like birds than cats. It’s really delightful. They have become a beloved part of our household and we love being their humans. They have terrific personalities – so sweet and loving. We thank the fosterers and staff at CPL for giving these two such a great start in life.