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Update on Mary

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Mary the cat on her back, showing her white tummy to the camera

I hope all our local followers had a great long Christmas. Here is a lovely update on Mary:

Mary has continued to settle and is now quite settled. She has found her voice and is quite chatty. She is a very good time keeper and doesn’t let me forget meal times. Her latest ploy for getting breakfast and to get me out of bed is to plonk herself on my chest and leer down. She stays there for a few minutes then moves off hoping I’ll get out of bed.
She spends a lot of time sitting on my bedroom window ledge surveying her domain. Not so long ago I was woken at about 4.30am by a howl. She spotted a neighbourhood cat that was outside. A few days later as I entered the bedroom I noticed that she was gazing intently out of the window. I creeped behind her and followed her gaze. In the darkness, I could see the outline of another cat.
I have a couple of high windows in the lounge, the other day Mary jumped up which is something she hadn’t done before. The reason soon became clear. The attached photo shows her in a staring match with a cat that was on the shed roof. I assume that this is the other cat that Mary has been meeting through the window.

cat looking out a high window from the window sill. Sill has a photoframe, a plant and small ornaments on it

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