Update on wee Hansel

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cat sitting looking at the camera, on a white sheet

A lovely update on Alfie (nee Hansel):

We adopted Alfie (formerly Hansel) just over a month ago. He was quite shy and timid when we first brought him home but in his own time he’s really burst out of his shell. He is like my wee shadow now and must be involved in everything I’m doing, from cooking dinner to going to the bathroom. He’s also much too smart for his own good, currently teaching himself how to open doors. He took an instant liking to his new big sister Dottie and they now run laps of the hallway together at 11pm every single night. I am so grateful to have been able to give Alfie his forever home, he is the perfect addition to our family ❤️

small cat lying on his back asleep in a comfortable looking cat bed