Dame Noodle has been on her best behavior

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series of images depicting a regal tabby cat looking happy and spoilt

I am delighted to share Noodle’s pre-Christmas update with you, and I apologize intensely to Noodle for publishing this a little late.  I owe you a catnip ball M’am:

With the brouhaha of Andrew and what’s-her-name (I swear I am not jealous) now behind us, life has returned to normal, making this an opportune time for moi to issue this timely update for the festive season.
I have been on my best behaviour as I am so looking forward to Santa’s visit (and presents), so much so that I have started to help out around the house.
As may be seen, I maintain watch over the clothes line to keep those pesky birds away and also warm chairs, sofas and beds to make them more comfortable for human use.
I have also done my best to keep my household staff feeling treasured by showering little treasures of alternative food sources upon them from time to time. Surprisingly, these seem to have gone down like lead balloons for reasons unfathomable to me.
With generally warmer temperatures and longer daylight hours upon us, my scintillating presence has been spread around the surrounding environs as I tour various neighbouring properties. This drives my staff to anxiety as I don’t always return on time for my feeds – after all, I can’t tell time so I can’t see when it’s fur o’clock and time to head home.
All is forgiven when I do crash through my cat flap although I am still somewhat touchy about being carried and have to express my displeasure at being so handled – after all, royalty does not take kindly to being groped and fingered.
I relieve the stress by practicing yoga (as witness my couch pose, middle bottom of the accompanying montage) and catching more than a few naps every now and then.
For those wishing to have an added household companion and are considering adopting a kitten or cat, your good thoughts and deeds will be appreciated by your new furry friend but remember that they are friends for life and not just for the holidays.
In closing, my best wishes to one and all for a Happy, Healthy and Safe Holiday Season – be sure to spend quality time with family, friends and other loved ones.