Happy 12th Brithdays Errol and Monnie!!

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Two cats sitting side by side on the carpet. Image has two arrows drawn onto it telling us that one cat is called Monnie and one is called Errol

Such a delight to post this update on two cats adopted in 2007 

As it is coming up to their 12th birthdays, I wanted to offer an update from my mates Monnie and Errol. Monnie (can’t remember her cat rescue name) and Errol (originally Flynn) were adopted in January 2007 as little kittens, following a bad bout of cat flu. Monnie is a smoochy and very sweet; will beeline to anyone’s lap as soon as they sit down and will protest if they move. She has a white tip on the very end of her tail, she sings softly when she snores and loves to boop noses. Errol is gentle and adventurous, and cannot resist a cardboard box. He is playful even in his old age and loves to chase his tail. They are both talkative and will a chat when they come inside from adventures. Monnie and Errol have been brave throughout the earthquakes, comforted me when things were tough and have lived with many of my closest friends. They are now spoiled by my partner who is a crazed cat convert. They are very happy cats, and I am for uniting us and for all that you guys do. I hope you have a happy holiday season.


Cat sitting in a cardboard box, looking at the camera Second cat looking out from a cardboard box

Cat sitting on a wooden step, out on a deck.  Cat is looking off into the distance, possibly sniffing the airClose up of a cat snuggled into someones elbow, a caption written on the image reads "Errol and I are watching the lightening".  Cat does not look scared.Cat outside on some concrete, looking up at the camera