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Update on Bubbles

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Large Fluffy cat sits on a garden chair, grooming one paw

We received this lovely update from Bubbles:

Hello! Thought I’d send through an update about Bubbles (now called Benny). He has become very settled in, claiming all the good spots to sleep. Including on my chest at night. He’s a chatty wee kitty and tends to become your shadow if you’re doing things around home. He gets jealous of the attention I give my plants when I water them, so that has become a very long task as he demands pats and attention after I water each one. This is his favourite outside chair, you usually find him there or under the hedge if he’s outside.

Large fluffy cat lies on a couch on his back. His feet are touching the back of the couch and he is looking at the camera sleepily Very fluffy large cat lays in the sun outside. A caption reads "Beached cat enjoying the sunshine"

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