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Update on shy Escobar

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Tabby cat laying on his back with his front paws tucked together

Wonderful to hear how well Escobar (now Bertie) has settled into his new home 

I just wanted to give you an update on Bertie (formerly Escobar). He is settling in well here! He is such a cuddly smoocher, snuggling up on the couch with us once the kids are in bed. He’s enjoying exploring outside now and becomes a furry streak as he zooms across the lawn. I think we’ve just about removed all the bidibids from his fur that he collected today. When our 1 year old gets a bit rough (or tries to give him a pretend drink from a toy cup), Bertie just gets up and walks away, no retaliation as we have had with previous cats. He’s exactly the cat we were searching for!

Tabby cat sits on some carpet. He is looking at the camera and a single cat toy is lying behind him A tabby cat is lying beneath a small arch way built of lego

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