Update on shy wee Agatha!

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Black Cat sleeping on her back with her front paws in the air

A beautiful update from the adopter of shy young Agatha, now Niomhe:

I adopted Niomhe (was Agatha) six months ago, and we both would love to say thank you. Her, for looking after her while she was waiting for the next part of her journey, and VERY well, may we say. Me, for letting me adopt a life saver. She is a true joy to have around the place. She was very hesitant at first and cried for her friends the first night. It was hard, as I couldn’t console her. But she has become the most delightful wee girl. Not shy at all, and very very funny (she doesn’t know that though – she thinks she’s too cool to be amusing). When we are outside it’s ‘Look mum, watch what I can do!’ and sometimes I want to close my eyes! She is so precious. Love her to bits. So thank you from both of us, you have given us both a life we did not expect, one full of love . . .

Cat lying on the back of a couch. A curtain fringe that looks like noodles is draped over her head like a hat Elegant black cat looking out a window