Update from the very special Le Blanc!!

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Fluffy white cat, lying on his side looking up at the camera

Happy New Year everyone!! Welcome to the 20’s!  Lets start the year off with this lovely update on Le Blanc, so happy to hear he has settled well into his new home!  Le Blanc is deaf and found cattery life quite hard.  He is a very special boy that certainly made an impression on all of us at the Cattery.  We are so happy that he has found such a perfect home:

Just a quick update on our lovely man Le Blanc sorry it is so late he’s taken all of our attention! He settled in super well, by the first night he had made his way under the bed quilt, deciding to sleep there the whole night and has joined us in bed every night since. He is throughly enjoying his life of love and luxury and many cuddles he is spoilt rotten but he most certainly deserves it. We noticed straight away that he was a very very vocal and loud boy and loves to be by your side during everything and anything you do (especially in the bathroom). he lounges all day in the sun and loves his own space just as much and sharing his space with us human slaves, he is super precious and just the prefect addition to our lives. We are so lucky to have him accept us, we just adore every inch of his fluffy white self, there will be an update again when an Instagram is set up dedicated to him and his cuteness, just a couple of our favourites of Prince Le Blanc

White Fluffy cat sitting in the background. A table with fancy potted plants is in the foreground Le Blanc the cat sleeping on his side with his fluffy tummy showing Fluffy cat lying on his side with one leg outstretched lazily