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Update on darling wee Neko

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Cat laying on the ground with a toy mouse between her paws

Neko was such a shy cat at the cattery, and spent a lot of time hiding under her blankets.  It is wonderful to see how she has blossomed in the week since she was adopted, and renamed Nora:

Thank you so much for your help last weekend with adopting Nora (Neko). She’s such a lovely cat. She’s settled in to her new home really well. When we brought her home on Sunday she spent the afternoon exploring the lounge/kitchen and enjoyed looking outside at our garden. Her favourite place is spread out over the chairs under our dining table.
She was quite happy being left to her own devices on Sunday night, but 30min after we went to bed she started meowing from the lounge wanting our attention! So we let her into our room and she’s slept on our bed every night since – although her loud purring is a bit distracting when we’re trying to sleep!
The last few nights she’s also jumped onto our laps in the evenings 
She’s such a lovely cat with a lovely personality, constantly purring. Thanks again for your help. I’ve attached a few pictures of her looking adorable.

Cat sitting beside a window, in the background is her special tee-pee bed Nora sitting on the carpet looking at the camera Cat sitting up against her special bed. Both are in the sunlight coming through the full length window

Cats Protection League Canterbury