Noodles Autumn message!

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Pleased to share Noodle’s Autumn update with our followers:

I could sense society at large needed some cheering up, so without further ado, here’s an update on my latest doings.
I have been trying to appease hard core environmentalists who claim that pets contribute to overall greenhouse gas emissions in quite a way by becoming a tree-hugger. I can’t really recommend the practice much as it is kind of hard to nap when you’re trying to balance yourself among the branches but at least I can say I’ve tried.
Lest some wise-cracking wit says that my well-rounded persona makes balancing tricky, I should advise that I am a fence prowler extraordinaire as I tour my surrounds spreading good cheer among my peers.
Despite these diversions, my forte still lies (literally and figuratively) in power-napping. You mere mortals may salivate over the additional hour of sleep coming your way when Daylight Saving ends soon but to moi, it’s a mere pittance.
As those who know me well are fully aware, if I don’t log my 16 to 18 hours of sleep daily, I get a little cranky (actually, more cranky than normal – Noodle’s house staff) and suffer a bad fur day, so the old adage about letting sleeping dogs lie is a misnomer. It’s us cats that should be left alone when napping.
As this is written, there is a pandemic gripping the world, leading to panic forming in some quarters particularly where handling of pets is concerned.
It should be pointed out that our status remains unchanged – we still love you and need reciprocation of affection. All that needs attention right now is to wash your hands thoroughly after handling us – we cats do similar by lick-grooming ourselves after human contact. Can’t say the same for dogs, which is probably another reason why they occupy a lower rung on the ladder of life. 
Till the next time, stay safe, don’t get hysterical and share the love.