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Update from Nate and Niall

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Kitten brothers Nate (black) and Niall (tabby) went to their home in December, and we have received and update on them:

Nate and Niall are doing well. They adore each other, Nate being the more vocal one when he cant find Niall, is the more timid of them both but also the furthest adventurer away from the house. He also calls out loudly if he is hungry or wants to use the litter! Niall is the more confident, calm and affectionate brother, preferring to stay more close to us and the house. Niall loves to sleep and cuddle. They eat well, 3 times a day and love their wet meat. Nate has been through about 5 other kmart star toys, he loves them so much, still growling about them if Niall tries to come near, hiding them and dragging them around the house, up onto the clothes airer to play with them!!! When they sleep they mostly always cuddle up together, but are starting to differ in their sleep rhythms more now as they grow. So cute watching them playfight, lick each other and run around crazy together. Thanks CPL.

Cats Protection League Canterbury