Update from explorer Freya

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Lovely to hear how Freya has blossomed since the scare she gave us after her adoption:
I thought I might give you an update on how Freya is doing.  We adopted Freya in September last year and unfortunately we only had her for a week before she managed to do a Houdini and escape. We looked high and low for her with Joyce’s help however we could not find her so we advertised on the internet and leaflet dropped everywhere and then 2 months later we were contacted by neighbours a few houses down from us to say they had found and caught her! She still had her CPL collar on and was scared and underweight but in good condition. We have fed her up and kept her inside since then but recently we have let her go outside and increasingly she has become the little explorer, she loves to sunbathe, eat grass and climb trees! She is a very loving and caring cat and we are humbled and lucky to have her as part of our family.
Thanks for all your help xx