Update from Former Kitten Paul

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Hope you are all keeping warm, I am sure you will enjoy this update on Meepo:
Earlier this year in January, we happily adopted a little black kitten named Paul. We brought him home, and unlike many kittens we’ve herd of, was very brave and curious. He went a little bit loopy furiously sniffing his way round our lounge (We kept him in there for the first few days). Paul, later that night, was re-named Meepo. It’s a very suiting name for the only sound he made for a long time sounded like a Meep. Over the next week he ventured further into the house and started having deeper, longer sleeps.
After a few weeks, Meepo was determined to go outside. We resisted for a while but eventually let him onto the deck. This was was exciting and new but not long after we couldn’t stop him from exploring the rest of the garden. At this point we decided letting a tiny four month old kitten out by himself was too daunting so we got him a harness and lead. We took him out on many walks around our garden and it was working perfectly until Meepo discovered trees. He would go shooting up them and out of arms reach having a great time but if he fell his lead would most likely get caught. After this happened we decided it was time to teach him to use the cat flap and go outside by his own will. We bought some treats that we could shake to get him to come inside for dinner and kept him in at night (we still do).
Meepo is very playful and athletic, sprinting round the garden just for the fun of it. He loves to climb in our huge Macrocarpa hedge and play with leaves. On some days when it’s windy and rainy Meepo goes out and comes back in 20 seconds later with a leaf in his mouth. Our theory is that he pretends that they are alive, batting them around and pouncing on them. Between when we started letting him outside and now, Meepo has already been through four collars!
Meepo does like his cuddles. In the morning he goes and curls up on my mums chest until she gets up, meowing and almost getting stepped on as she walks down the hallway. He hops on her back when she does yoga and climbs up her legs in the kitchen. Meepo is happy to curl up on anyones bed especially when there’s a cosy blanket. Meepo has a very loud (and sometimes annoying purr) just like his mum did when we saw her.
Over all, Meepo is a great cat with a balanced lifestyle. He brightens our day and gives us all some good laughs. Initially we were unsure about getting a kitten because it’s hard to know what their personality is going to be like but we are now very grateful for our choice. We thank CPL for their great advice and we encourage you to keep doing what’s right for the cats.