Update from Trixie and Pixie

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An update on Pixie and Trixie, adopted in early March:
The lockdown has provided us with a fantastic opportunity to get them and our dog Hillary used to each other as we were home all day to supervise their interactions. You will see in the photos that they are all now quite happy to spend time in the same space. The kittens have also taken over Hillary’s chair in the lounge and often we will find her asleep on the floor while the kittens sleep in her chair. In the last few days Pixie, Trixie and Hillary have started curling up together for their naps – it is very cute, but not so easy to photograph as they are so curious they move when I stand up to get my camera out.
As a family we are thoroughly enjoying getting to know each of the kittens and their unique personalities better. Thank you so much for the fantastic work you did to get them ready to find their forever homes.