Update from Gorgeous Luca

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Today’s update highlights the benefit of microchipping!
I adopted Luca previously named Jeremy as a 4 month old kitten in July 2013, I fell in love with him as soon as I saw him.
He’s my only fur baby as he gets very jealous if I have been near another animal, he is a real mummy’s boy. Luca’s most favorite thing of all even more than food is to be brushed he is one big soft cuddly fluff ball and melts when he’s brushed. He doesn’t like to eat his dinner until he has been groomed. In March 2018 Luca mysteriously disappeared, I extensively searched, advertised and did all I could do to find him with no real leads I was heart broken…. A very long 8 months later I had a phone call from a Vet to say he had been handed in. Long story I only got him back because he was micro chipped, I thought I would never see him again. I am so thankful to have my boy back home he is very treasured and loved.
Thanks for the wonderful job you do we are all very lucky to get such beautiful fur baby’s. Thanks also for the support you gave me at that difficult time you told me don’t give up hope!