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Update from young Lochy

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A lovely update on adorable Lochy – he has even had his portrait painted!
The lovely Mr Lochy took charge of our house a few months back and is proving to be a very good “Boss”. He allows us to sit on our chairs when he is not using them, keeps the TV remote warm while we search for it, and regularly brings mice to chase around the courtyard so that we can be entertained.
He recently posed on the fence so that I could paint his portrait, and has not attacked the result so far. He has also kept himself busy with the development of a range of interesting sleeping positions to keep us amused.
Lochy has got to know our surroundings and the wider neighbourhood, and is well recognised as the tabby cat with the huge bushy tail. It certainly is a beautiful tail and he loves to show it off when out and about supervising garden activities and keeping up to date with things. He makes a point of greeting every visitor to the property. When not distracted by ‘ cat business’ our lad is a very affectionate companion and a delight to be with. We can’t imagine life without our handsome fellow – thank you so much for bringing us together!
Cats Protection League Canterbury