Dame Noodle’s winter update!

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With great pleasure I present to you Noodle’s Winter Update:

Time flies when you’re having fun and winter has rolled round all too quickly. Not that I am ill prepared for it as I’ve donned my winter coat, still displaying my distinguished torti flecks and stripes. This has not gone done totally well with my house staff as they discover more evidence of my presence as I take to bed to share the heat from the electric blanket and provide soothing purrs to lullaby all present to sleep. I also maintain regular bouts of face time to ensure my food and water bowls are regularly replenished to provide needed energy for me to
commune with nature in the back yard (mine as well as those of selected neighbours) and present the right image to my adoring fan base. Despite keeping my energy levels up to stave off the chills, the shorter days and longer nights are perfect conditions for me to engage in my favourite past-time of power napping to preserve my youthful demeanour.
Soon, the fourth anniversary of my re-homing will be here, but till then, it’s off to the Land of Nod for me till my next update..