Adopted: Omi and Gizmo

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Housemates Omi (Oh-Mee) and Gizmo are about 6 years old and are pedigree Ragdolls.

Omi is by far the smaller cat and she is also the more active and outgoing.  Gizmo is a big wussy boy.  They are both shy, and Gizmo is dependent on Omi so we require them to be adopted as a pair.

Omi and Gizmo were surrendered to CPL when their owner was unable to continue with their care.  They were raised to be indoor-only pets and, given their breed and temperaments, they will need to continue with this lifestyle.

Ragdoll fur needs regular brushing (least a couple of times a week, more during molting season).

Please note that the adoption fee for Omi and Gizmo is higher than our standard rate.