Update on beautiful Roxy!

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A lovely update on Roxy, with our condolences on the passing of the adopter’s brother:

I thought I would send you an update for our cat we adopted March 2019 – Roxy, you described her as “the biggest cat you’ve had to pull out of the rafters”
Roxy has settled well into our home and has claimed our 14-year-old son’s room as her own. We often find her snuggled up near him in the night. She loves to be in the backyard, overseeing our chicken ladies and curling up somewhere warm in the sun. My car bonnet is her favourite spot on these colder days. We have a very busy road over our back fence and she has not once attempted to scale that fence. Thank goodness, but she does roam the neighbourhood from time to time. We knew she was a 1 cat per household kind of girl and has been slow to be accommodating to a ‘sibling’ when my brother’s cat suddenly came to live with her Aunty (after my brother was killed). It’s been 6 months and they are both slowly working it out after a few heated brawls in the beginning. She is very clear about when she is wanting human contact and when she doesn’t. She seems to have a love-hate relationship with us, but we love her all the same.
She used to run for the hills when the grandchildren would visit but now she walks through the room ignoring them. That’s a BIG step. She is still a loner but is open to affection on her terms. We love her to pieces and are so grateful we get to call her ours.