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An update on special senior Jazzy!

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Delighted to share this update on recently rehomed senior Jazzy:
Hello to everyone from Jazzy,
I want you to know she has settled in beautifully and is very much at home. She settled in right from the beginning and amazingly, apart from the odd hiss towards Bruce at the beginning she now just takes him in her stride. Bruce pretty much ignores her so there is no drama.
The first time I let Jazzy out she was fascinated with the trees and would have definitely climbed them if she could. She also would have jumped the fence if she could. I was amazed at her total interest and curiosity around the perimeter of the house. She was fascinated. At first she loved going outside but being a smart old girl she is now much happier staying inside in the warm.
She is a big sleeper and spends most of her day in various spots around the house. While quite timid she is happy to find a knee to sit on and is a big purer who just loves a cuddle. She is an absolute delight who since she has arrived has adapted so well, especially for an old girl.
We are so lucky you continue to put your efforts into looking after these older cats and not giving up hope in finding them a home. She is in beautiful condition and is now living her life without a care in the world.
All the best:)
PS: Under that pink blanket is her own wee hottie.
Cats Protection League Canterbury