Update on lovely Jewel

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Here is a lovely update on Jewel, young mother to 4 kittens:
I thought I should give you an update on this little black velvet monster! ❤️ She has filled out and grown into such a beautiful girl. She took a long time to settle and was very standoffish and aloof for several months and was really really naughty. She would spend all her time in my bedroom in the evening and not in the lounge with me. I was quite surprised as I visited her many times before taking her home and thought she would settle quicker. It is really only in the last 4 weeks she has turned the corner. I think she now realises this is her forever home and she has become very loving with me and is a great little companion, important to me as I am on my own. She now sleeps on me or on the lounge with me every night. She makes me laugh constantly, she has so much sass!! She certainly keeps me on my toes.. I have never known a cat like her! I think she is also reliving the kitten hood she probably never had and with becoming a mum so young. She LOVES to play. She is always careful not to scratch me. The heights and widths she can jump are truly amazing. I thought it was pretty incredible but so many people have commented on it I think she must jump higher and wider than some other cats. If you look up Harvey the Bengal on Instagram she jumps around like him! Her balance is awesome. She is still very naughty and chews most things .. book covers, towels, my plants, my clothes, my awesome sequined mermaid tail key ring, the curtains etc so I cannot turn my back on her for long or she gets up to no good!! The other day i caught her walking along the curtain rails at ceiling height. Such a climber! She makes the most of every day and is outside all day rain or shine.. but comes back regularly to check in with me. She manages to destroy her collars so we are onto our third one! Her favourite things are ping pong balls, a knitting needle with a ribbon tied on the end, and the clothes horse.. so I just leave it up all the time and she hangs all over it and goes crazy chasing her tail and swinging through the gaps. She uses the hall walls as a springboard and somersaults up and down there over and over.. I have never seen a cat do cartwheels before. She also uses the neighbors closed garage door as a springboard and the fences. I can’t believe what she does! 😂 she sleeps like the dead at night because she runs around all day like a maniac. I am a children’s author and have decided I will write a story about her. Little sass pants that she is. I think it’s so important to be patient with a rescue animal they are all different and some will take their new home more in their stride than others. It takes time to build trust. I was wondering if she would come around but kept thinking about the day I met her and it seemed then she chose me as well. Here are some pics of her. Thank you for my precious Jewel, and thank you for caring for all the other cats 💜💜