Adopted: Greta and Hazel

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Greta (grey and white) is about 3 years old and her housemate Hazel (brindle tortie) is a little older at about 5 years old.  Shy at first, they will blossom into friendly and playful companions.  Greta is the more forward – she has been exploring the cattery rafters and can be quite bossy with Hazel, who tends to hang back but is very sweet and cuddly.

Greta and Hazel came into CPL care because their owner had too many cats and too little time.  They were probably originally rescue kittens and have missed out on some early socialisation.  They will need an extended time indoors to allow them to settle, they may suit as indoor-only cats and as they are closely bonded we require them to be adopted as a pair.

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