Update on darling Posie

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Here is a beautiful update on Millie (nee Posie):
8 August was a significant day for us – after two weeks visiting her at CPL, we took “Posie” (as she then was) to her new home.  A 23 kilometre drive – and with such pathetic meowing all the way – poor wee girl! (quite unlike the friendly pushy manner that she had at the cattery!)  We set her up with an identical lovely new bed from the cattery, and which she has steadfastly refused to use ever since! (Definitely prefers armchairs now!)  However, she thoroughly enjoys her cat tower, – the best spot for an afternoon nap!  She is now named “Millie” – and she is such a gentle wee soul.  Totally adorable, and very well behaved – loved by the neighbours and visitors alike.  She plays many chasing games – even has cardboard cartons with cut-out holes to race through.  She feeds well, no mess, and knows exactly where the “treat” cupboard is – even what time of day is “treat time”.  Strangely enough she often decides to eat her food when we have ours!  We are so very grateful for the notes given to new owners – which were so helpful and logically set out.  All your advice was invaluable.  Nearly nine weeks on now, we have a very confident and much loved pussy cat.  In the first week, we restricted her to the lounge and kitchen, then the second week when we were away for a whole day, allowed her the run of the house “to explore”.  She mainly hid under a bed for another week, but then gradually being introduced to the cat doors and outside areas, her confidence soared!  The first time she disappeared over the roof of our garden shed into the neighbours was nerve-wracking for us, but she reappeared after a (long!) 40 minutes or so, and has not caused us any anxiety since!  During the day now, she is happy to come and go, has her afternoon nap when we do, and usually around dark goes outside for a wander, but reappears about our bedtime – and she is quite content to have her cat door locked until morning.
SO – a huge THANK YOU!! to all your staff – we are very happy with our lovely Millie – she has turned out to be such a great pussy cat!